1. Master Steve

With 30 years in the healing profession, Teacher Steve is a master in various disciplines such as Martial Arts, Qigong, Meditation, Reiki and also a researcher with extensive knowledge of treatment and traditional health care methods. He has practical experiences with more than 9,000 direct hands-on treatments for clients of various ages and health conditions.

He was elected to be President of the Siam Traditional Doctors Association in Thailand.

2. Reiki Master Therapist

Currently we have a team of Reiki Masters in Vietnam, Thailand and other countries around the world. Reiki Masters are trained according to the high standards of the Siam Reiki system. In addition, they are experts in many different therapeutic areas such as consultation, sound therapy, crystal therapy, hypnosis, Qigong, meditation, yoga, etc. Depending on each program and duration of each Retreat, we will coordinate Reiki Masters to participate in direct treatment sessions in Da Lat.

3. Psychotherapist – Master Winnie (Manh Hoang Thanh Phuong)

Ms. Winnie is a person who works in many areas and has spent many years learning how to overcome depression since she was young. From her own experiences and desire to help people in similar situations, she has spent a lot of time studying, researching and supporting customers using psychological consultation methods.

In addition, as a Siam Reiki Master, she realized that in most of the clients she had received Reiki treatments, about 80% of the blockages came from mental and emotional issues. She finds that combining Reiki therapy and psychological consultation in these cases is extremely effective, helping customers to arrive at the root cause and from which they can solve their problems and balance daily life.

Besides group consultation activities, she understands that each person has their own life situation and problem. 1:1 consultation will help customers clearly see where their problems come from, then they can make changes to have a better life and maintain a balanced life.

4. Yoga and singing bowl expert – Master Mai Thao

Ms. Mai Thao is a classical Yoga Instructor at Sivananda Vedanta Center, a Yoga Therapy Instructor at Golden Heart Center, a Sound Healer and a Siam Reiki Master. She has a lot of experience in using Yoga, Himalayan singing bowls and other sound tools to support recovery: mental stress, physical pain, hormonal balance, etc. In addition, she can also consult with card readings, pendulum diagnose and crystal therapy.

5. Massage expert – Teacher Nim

Ms. Nim is a massage teacher. She can teach and at the same time provide effective massages, helping customers to relax their minds. Ms. Nim once went to South Africa to teach Thai massage. She is also a Level 1 Reiki therapist.

6. Quantum hypnosis expert – Ms Hong Ngan Elise

Hong Ngan Elise is a quantum hypnosis therapist using the QHHT method (by Ms. Dolores Cannon) and BQH (by Ms. Candace Craw-Goldman). She has been practicing this method since August 2020 until now with nearly 400 face-to-face and online treatments, for Vietnamese and English for customers in Vietnam and around the world. She has invited to share some hypnosis stories in the book Law of the Mind by author Ngo Sa Thach. She loves learning about the subconscious mind and helping people to recognize, explore themselves through working with subconscious mind.

Additionally, she is also practicing psychic energy healing and being a Siam Reiki Master. Her strength is in dealing with blockages on the emotional body and mind. Her desire is to help people expand the unconditional love within themselves, and to find and maintain joy, balance in their lives.

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