Truong Ngoc Hien:

+ About Reiki: 

Reiki is easy to practice, in my opinion. It is not a fussy therapy with complex rituals that require prior knowledge from trainees. Reiki is intended for everyone. Though I consider myself to be an absent-minded person and a minimalist, I find Reiki to be straightforward to learn and feel that everyone can perform it. Everything begins to go smoothly once I practice Reiki on myself and those around me. A healthier, more adaptable way of life is becoming a part of my everyday routine. Reiki has given me a strong base and a deeper awareness of myself and the outside world. I am no longer filled with uncertainty as a result of Reiki.

+ About the teacher:

What I appreciate about Steve and his teaching method is that he supports being yourself and free will. He demonstrates the approach, and we determine how to use it in our own unique way. His suggestion is for reference only; you must make your own decision. There is no such thing as right or wrong. In comparison to other past teachers, I could tell by his lifestyle and teaching technique that he is a genuine teacher, a World Teacher, a guy who does not teach much, but we can learn a lot from his way of living. He is straightforward, approachable, happy, and eager to engage in conversation. He may be serious when necessary, yet he can also be hilarious. Quite human. I also hold him in high regard, and see him as my religious friend, my brother.  

+ Regarding the course’s organizing team and facilitators: I have nothing but gratitude for everyone’s presence. 

+ Regarding the students: thank you for coming to class, for engaging in the learning sharing, and for everyone’s presence contributing to the success of the class as it is now.”

Thuong Pham: My profound gratitude goes out to Master Steve, Mr. Tung, Ms. Phuong Anh, the organising team, and everyone else I had the good fortune to meet and spend the Siam Reiki 1 Course with. Receiving Reiki healing from Mr. Steve and other team members to cleanse all the black energy that had been stuck to me for a very long time was such a blessing. My initial reaction was a bit hazy, but after finishing the course, my spirit was uplifted and I experienced serenity and love surrounding me, which is truly fantastic. I can feel the energy flowing plainly and my body becoming warmer during the night.

In addition, dancing in high heels used to cause me calf pain on my left side. The pain continued even after trying acupuncture and massage therapy. However, the following day, after receiving Reiki energy from Ms. Tho, it subsided right away. I want to express my deep appreciation to her for sending energy to help me heal the persistent pain. I continue to practice Reiki self-treatment at home, and I no longer experience calf pain when wearing high heels.

I am eager to pass this knowledge on to all my friends so they can learn how to utilize the universal healing method as well. I am grateful to Mr. Steve and the organiser team for providing such a meaningful and practical course for health and well-being that is so healthy, cheerful, and full of enchantment. I hope to see you all in Reiki 2 class soon.

Pazit: First let me say that the DPA course was nothing like what I expected. It took me to places and areas that I didn’t even imagine that are possible for me or anybody else (like transcending my aunt for example).

I felt that the course was flowing in a very skilful way and that you knew what will happen to us at any stage, from the beginning with the relaxing manner to get the basic ground for the process to happen and to allow me to realise the potential of the psychic abilities filed and to experience the magical feeling that comes with connecting with my spiritual guides.

Through the cleansing process I experience in the middle that was very strong and challenging, rising up issues for me to look at them again and let them go. Coming to the end of the process which was very uplifting and opened up endless possibilities to use and work with the DPA tools.

In general I can say that the course was very challenging, intensive and demanding which for me made this course very worthy and good. The process was built one brick over another in gradual yet  strong way which allowed deeper understanding and opening. There were moments of high feeling after the meditations with new discoveries and moments of exhaustion(especially in the days when I had intensive pressure over Ajna chakra or emotional things coming up) and both experiences  made this course to a beautiful journey for me.
I enjoyed Steve’s wide knowledge and experience which open my mind to so many things that are out there and around us. I want to thank you for your support and kindness in the hard moments and especially to the very to the point approach not allowing the emotional clearing to become an over dramatic situation.
​ Thank you for sharing your experience and energy with me.

Love and Light,

Danni: For me my first experience of Siam Reiki was at the Thailand Fire Gathering 2020. I had heard about it from friends and immediately knew I wanted to take part but didn’t really know much more than that. I can honestly say this gathering and Siam Reiki changed my life! I did Reiki 1 and the Developing Psychic Awareness Course. My mind was blown after each and every mediation I did in DPA. I constantly astounded myself with what I learnt to do. And it was a real journey in which I learnt a lot about myself too. It was lovely meeting so many like minded people and I really feel like I have joined a Reiki family. I often tell people that I feel like my life has started again since I learnt Siam Reiki, and I truly believe this. My life is now beyond recognition from what it was before, I know myself better, I am a lot more spiritual and feel much more connected to the universe, and I have a family of people that I know are always here to support me. I feel blessed that destiny brought Siam Reiki to me.

Yusuf: I came to Steve and Siam Reiki at a point in my life where I was constantly getting sick from poor energetical practices in energy. I can honestly say that Siam Reiki has saved my life. Through my journey in Siam Reiki, I have gone through such a huge personal change. My energy has been grounded and my emotions that were haywire, especially anger have reduced drastically. Through Siam Reiki studies and practices, I have been reborn into a whole new person. For many years I have always had so many questions about energy. Master Steve was the first who was able to give me grounded answers to all my questions…and I had a lot. If you want to grow and learn from a complete teacher, Master Steve is really the way to go. With Master Steve, I feel comfortable to be completely honest and open about my life and any situation that I have encountered.

Dawid: First of all Steve is an amazing human. Truly an exceptional human being. I can’t even begin to write all the life lessons I learned from him. He has taught me so much about how to live life and how to be a good human being not only for me but for others too. Learning Reiki Level 1 and 2 from him has transformed my life and his DPA; Developing Psychic Abilities course has allowed me to grow as a spiritual healer. I would recommend him for anyone that is looking to grow as a person and wants to really learn spiritual principles.


Pamela Manning: “Words simply cannot express what I have experienced in the past week.  I have wanted to do the DPA course for a long time and it has truly exceeded my expectations.  Steve is a very unique teacher and only he could teach this course in this way.  To accomplish this level of psychic ability in a week which some people may take years in their attempt (but never achieve) the method is outstanding.

Personally, the flowing energy during the course has helped me to release some old stored emotions.  While this was a difficult time the release of emotion was very beneficial and will enable the energy to flow better.  From astral projection to psychic healing – the tools and techniques learnt on this course will be invaluable to me working towards my life purpose (whatever that might be!).

Thank you Steve!”

Paul W:   As a newly qualified Reiki 2 in mid July 2012, I enthusiastically applied the Reiki symbols to my apartment walls in Sukhumvit Soi 16. Curiously and unexpectedly the next 4 nights were disturbed by very vivid nightmares that Stephen King would have enjoyed but which, I certainly didn’t appreciate. After a particularly bad night with rabid, vampire monkeys waking me up I texted Mohana who suggested I send photos of my apartment (which is only 1 bedroom, 80sq m apartment in a 30 year old building) to the team.

Her theory was that the symbols may have woken up some bad energies which sounded plausible.   I did as requested, cleaned all my crystals and the nightmares were exchanged for dreams of myself as aggressive, violent characters, a dark side I had not experienced in real life so still not good.   I received no feedback on the photos, so presumed all was well. It wasn’t until I took the Transcending Entities course a week later that I found out my apartment was scheduled for a visit. I found this a little surprising as I had lived there for nearly 10 fairly happy years. At least, that is what I thought until I looked closer and realised that within that period I had 3 relationship breakups, a gradual deterioration to my health and had also lost 70% of my money. Oops, how had I not noticed that?!  

The transcending team that visited my apartment consisted of 6 Reiki Master Teachers and me! That is a powerful team and brought back earlier comments that I was the “cannon fodder” for this little experiment. Fortunately from the prior 2 days it was nice to know that Aaron was the human entity tampax of the group so I wasn’t unduly concerned…for me at least.   It was only when the team entered my apartment and their reactions (goose bumps, groans and gyrations) that I felt rather uneasy and drained. From their reactions I could tell the apartment was not good. This seemed to negate the last 10 years of my life and my whole belief system took a knock which left me saddened and unable to help look for the bad stuff. From feedback from the others, it seems there was 2 lots of black magic, laid (? ) at the time of a previous Thai girlfriend, 2 nasty energy impregnations in the walls, things from 20 and 60 years back and around 40 entities (the latter of whom were not contributing to the rent!). Those figures may not be 100% accurate as I was all fuzzy by this time, dreaming in a place which seemingly had been a dream the whole time.   Three circles later including one where I had to get in the middle to get black magic removed from my spine and the house was declared “cleared”.

Then one final circle and I consider myself lucky to have requested and received Merlin as a protector for my apartment (and me I feel) …  until I left for England (oh dear! Another shock to my system) at which time he would come with me! Why Merlin? A Deepak Chopra book “The Return of Merlin” had been borrowed from Mohana and, at that time, was providing insights to my development. I had invoked him for protection on earlier transcendings so he seemed very appropriate.   Since the clearing, the re-cleaning and re-programming of all my crystals and the changing of the bowl of salty water I had in my bedroom, my apartment feels “lighter”, my crystals feel more energised and “happier” and I have moved closer to accepting that what I feel and understand may not, in fact, be the truth. Whether there will be any change to my fortune, health or happiness is still to be determined but I think the clearing was a very important step on the right path.  Many thanks to the team for their efforts and companionship during the events of the day. They are certainly a unique group of people and one I would be proud to join when the work and practise has been done. Thanks also to Merlin who came to my aid on previous transcendings and is always close now.  

  Magic and miracles.