Transfer of energy from the spiritual guides of the Reiki master teacher. Spiritual energy is sent through the Reiki master teachers aura into the 7 major chakras then out the hands from the minor chakras of the Reiki master teacher. Reiki Master Teacher should qualify to have large spectrum of frequencies/ energy to flow through their body to guide the spiritual energy inside of the student’s etheric aura (3-5cm) around the student’s body by placing hands including symbols inside the etheric aura of the student.

Students receiving the (attunement) can become dizzy, float, activate the 3rd eye, heighten 6th scenes, introduced to Para normal experiences, emotionally upset, become sick, detoxify. Attunement, will produce more energy inside of the etheric aura, therefore pushing the Magor chakra to open more (Lotus) creating more energy being absorbed into the physical bodies functions. Also the kundilini energy (soul) energy will be increased affecting the Nero system, immune system, endocrine system.

Siam Reiki® has 4 attunements in each level to become a master. Proving the effectiveness of developing the students without any negative effects, by setting time periods between attunements, and students cooling off time between the attunements in each level, also including students need to practice with the spiritual energy being sent through their body being transferred to clients.

What Siam Reiki® is aware of and has taken into consideration.

  • Reiki teacher that have not opened their own chakras enough to capably perform the attunement
  • Mindful mediation practices is not the attunement
  • Teachers who are Trance Mediums are not attuning students to Reiki
  • Not in best interests to attune level 1 to any person under 13 years old
  • Not in best interests to attune level 2 to any person under 18 years old
  • Chi-Gong, Meditation, Yoga are not doing a Reiki attunement
  • Reiki teachers who have never preformed treatments on clients are not capable to perform an attunement
  • There are no adverse affects of the attunement by a qualified Reiki teacher(not more than the students can work through, LIKE DOING HOMEWORK)
  • An attunement can’t be performed from a distance, as the energy transfer needs to be inside of the etheric aura (Student’s body expansion of Aura and Major Chakra’s)



This is the correct term for Karma.  It means that the physical and mental acts performed by one in the body affect one’s future incarnations.  In the Christian Bible there is a statement that as one sows so shall one reap, which is much the same as saying that if you sow the seeds of wickedness then you shall reap wickedness, but if you sow the seeds of good and help for others then the same shall be returned to you    ‘a thousand fold.’ Such is Karma.



This is the sixth of the commonly accepted figure of seven of the known Yogic centres of consciousness. Actually there are nine such centres, but that would be delving too deeply into Tibetan lore to explain here.

Ajna chakra is the Lotus at the eyebrow level, a Lotus, in this case, with only two petals.  This is a part of the sixth-sense mechanism.  It leads to clairvoyance, internal vision, and know-ledge of the world beyond this world.



This is usually used when referring to the Akashic Record. It is difficult to explain to a three-dimensional world that which is an occurrence in a more multi-dimensional world, but it may be regarded like this :Imagine that you are a cine photographer who has always existed and will always exist, and you have an unlimited supply of film (and someone to process it for you!).  From the beginning of time you have photographed everything that ever happened anywhere to anyone and everyone.  You are still photographing events of the present day.  That represents the Akashic Record; everything that has ever happened is impressed upon the ether as are light impulses recorded on cine film, or a voice record can be impressed upon recording tape. In addition to this, because of the multi-dimensional world in which it is recorded, there also can be recorded the very strong probabilities which affect everyone on Earth and off the Earth.  You can imagine that you are in a city; you are on a street, a car is coming along, it passes you, and it disappears from your sight, you have no knowledge of what is happening to it.  But supposing, instead, that you were up in a balloon and you could look down and you could see the road for miles ahead.  You could see the car rushing along, and you could see perhaps an obstacle in the road which the car would not be able to avoid.

Thus you would see misfortune coming to that driver before he was aware of it.  Or you can regard the case of the timetable : Timetables are issued indicating the probability that a train or a bus, a ship or a plane, will leave at a certain time from a certain place, and according to the timetable, which is merely a record ofprobabilities, will arrive at a certain place at a certain time.  In nearly every instance the vehicle does arrive.  When considering the Akashic Record it is worth rememberIng that if you could travel instantly to a far distant planet and you had a very special instrument, the light which was arriving from the Earth (light has a speed, remember) might show what  was happening on Earth a hundred, a thousand, or ten thousand years ago.  With your special instrument you would be able to see the Earth as it was a thousand years ago.

The Akashic Record goes beyond that because it shows the strong probability of what is going to happen.  The probabilities confronting a nation are very much stronger, are much more certain, than in the case of individuals, and those people who are specially trained can enter the astral state and they can consult the Akashic Record to see what has happened, what is happening in any part of the world, and what are the terrifically strong probabilities for the future.  It is a very much, in fact, like going to some news theatre and seeing a film.  If you know from the program what film is on at a certain time you can go and see just that.

You can imagine that you are in a city; you are on a street, a car is coming along, it passes you, and it disappears from your sight, you have no knowledge of what is happening to it.  But supposing, instead, that you were up in a balloon and you could look down and you could see the road for miles ahead.  You could see the car rushing along, and you could see perhaps an obstacle in the road which the car would not be able to avoid.

Thus you would see misfortune coming to that driver before he was aware of it.  Or you can regard the case of the timetable : Timetables are issued indicating the probability that a train or a bus, a ship or a plane, will leave at a certain time from a certain place, and according to the timetable, which is merely a record of probabilities, will arrive at a certain place at a certain time.  In nearly every instance the vehicle does arrive.  When considering the Akashic Record it is worth remembering that if you could travel instantly to a far distant planet and you had a very special instrument, the light which was arriving from the Earth (light has a speed, remember) might show what was happening on Earth a hundred, a thousand, or ten thousand years ago.  With your special instrument you would be able to see the Earth as it was a thousand years ago.  The Akashic Record goes beyond that because it shows the strong probability of what is going to happen.  The probabilities confronting a nation are very much stronger, are much more certain, than in the case of individuals, and those people who are specially trained can enter the astral state and they can consult the Akashic Record to see what has happened, what is happening in any part of the world, and what are the terrifically strong probabilities for the future.  It is a very much, in fact, like going to some news theatre and seeing a film.  If you know from  the program what film is on at a certain time you can go and  see just that.



This is one who has attained to a perfect understanding of that which is beyond life.  It indicates that one has discarded the ideas that :

1.  The body is important.

2.  Uncertainty about the correct Path to take.

3.  Dependence upon rigid rules.

4.  Likings arising from an imperfect memory of a past life.

5.  Dislikings arising from an imperfect memory of a past life.



This is a term which is generally used to indicate the place or condition that one reaches when one is out of the body.  It is a place where one can meet one’s friends who have passed over after leaving the body in so-called death, and who are waiting to make plans so that they may reincarnate.The  astral  world  could  be  considered  as  corresponding roughly to the Christian Paradise, a place which is an in-between place, a meeting-place, but not the ultimate Heaven.



When a person lays down to rest the physical mechanism of the body becomes quiescent.  The physical functions slow down, but the astral form, or Soul or Ego, or Atman, does not rest in the body but goes out of the body into the astral plane. One can liken it to this; when one goes to bed one takes off one’s day clothes and lays aside the day clothes.  In the same way the astral body lays aside the flesh body as we lay aside the clothing of the day. It is worth noting that there are various planes, or stages, of the astral world.  One can do astral travelling and travel from one’s country of origin or country of residence to various parts of the physical world; one can go from England to Australia, or Australia to China, or anywhere like that. It depends on what one has to do how one uses-one’s astral time. A person who is very evolved and perhaps is living his last life on Earth is busy always in the astral, and the more evolved a person, the farther he travels in the astral. Astral  travelling is easy  provided  one  practices.   It needs practice only, or perhaps one should say, practice and patience. All animals can do it, as all animals can do clairvoyance and telepathy. It should also be mentioned here that the Paradise of the astral world can, in some instances, be purgatory for those who have misbehaved on the Earth!  People meet in the astral and plan what they are going to do in the physical.  Unfortunately, so many people forget their wondrous intentions and do only that which suits them. It is recommended that one practices astral travelling because it is the most stupendously wonderful feeling that one can imagine to rise up at the end of one’s Silver Cord, and watch the cities of the Earth beneath one’s gaze, and then perhaps soar into space and look at other worlds.  Or if one deserts the physical world completely one can go into the metaphysical worlds, and see and talk with friends who have gone on before.



Just as a magnet has lines of force about it so has the body lines of force, but these are lines of force in different colours, covering a wider range of colours than human sight could ever see without the aid of clairvoyant abilities. The auric colours flare out from the most important centers of the body, and unite to form a swirling egg-shaped mass with the blunt end of the egg at the top. A good aura can extend for perhaps six feet from its possessor. A trained clairvoyant by seeing the colors of the aura can detect incipient illness or disease.  Later there will be instruments for seeing the aura in colour (so that the non-clairvoyant can see it, that is), and by applying a suitable heterodyne signal, defective shades of the aura will be cured of illness. The aura must not be confused with the etheric aura.



This is a very rare person now-a-days.  It is a person who has no Karma, a person who is not necessarily human, but one who adopts human form in order that humans may be helped.  It is observed that an Avatar (male) or Avatara (female) is always higher than human. In the Christian Bible you read of angels descending to the deepest hells of Earth in order that they may bring assistance to suffering humanity. Avatars appear on those occasions when the world is in danger, or when humanity as a species is in danger.  You may not recognize Avatars because they often have great suffering. They are pure, and unless they are able to take certain suffering they could not stay on the Earth.  You can liken them to a deep-sea diver who has to put leaden weights upon his body that he may sink down into the depths of the dark and mysterious sea. You will not recognize Avatars unless you are very pure, because the Avatar does not advertise his state on radio or television, nor does he tell you that if you take a certain maga-zine monthly you are sure of entry into the highest realms of Heaven!



This refers to the Great Beyond.  It indicates that state of existence beyond the physical in which we find our-selves, it refers to life beyond the Vale of Death. People throughout ages, and all over the world, have specu-lated on the nature of ‘The Beyond.’  It is unfortunate that so-called scientists want to weigh everything, test everything, and prove everything, because that limits their ability to perceive the obvious.  When a person is ready to receive the truth, then the truth comes to him, and he knows the truth of that truth for that which it needs no proof, while that which is not cannot be proven.



This is not a God, this is a person who has successfully completed the lives of a cycle of existence, and by his success in overcoming Karma is now ready to move on to another plane of existence. A Buddha is a person who is free from the bonds of the flesh.  The one who is frequently referred to as ‘The Buddha’ was actually Siddhartha Gautama.  He was a Prine who lived some two thousand five hundred years ago in India; he renounced all material possessions in order to find enlightenment. He found Nirvana, which does not mean, as it usually translated,  everything  full  of  nothingness. Every one of us should strive to attain to Buddhahood which is a state of being, an exalted state of being.  It is not a God. Western people are often puzzled by ‘The Thousand Bud-dhas.’  They think that there are at least a thousand Gods, which, of course, is too fantastic to be even ridiculous! Buddhahood is a state of being.  One can attain Buddhahood no matter what one’s station in life.  The Prince or the garbage collector can each be pure and holy.  Down on this Earth we are like actors on a stage, and we take the ‘dess’ or status which will be of most assistance to us in learning that which we have to learn.  The Thousand Buddhas, then, is merely an indication that one can attain to Buddhahood in a thousand or so different ways. Why the thousand?  Well, think of a small boy who says, ‘My father?  Ah ! He’s got millions of ’em !’  The thousand, then, is merely a figure of speech.  Buddha is a symbol, not the graven image of a God. The Buddha figures are just reminders of what we can be if we want to be, and if we work to be.



Frequently  people refer  to Buddhism  as  a religion.  Actually, it would be far more correct to say it is a Way of Life, a code of living, a manner of passing our time upon this Earth, so that we shall hurt none and advance our own spiritual progress in the quickest time with the least effort. Here are various things which one must do, and various things which one must not do.  The Buddhists refer to (1} as

The Four Noble Truths :

1.  There is suffering and there is a cause for that suffering.

Suffering can be overcome, and then there is a way of peace.

2.  Nirvana.  Mind and matter are in a state of constant change.

The mind causes the spirit to bog down as if stuck in clay. Withdraw the mind, and then one attains to Nirvana and so becomes free from suffering and the cycle of continual rebirth, living, dying, and being reborn.

3.  The Eightfold Path, which means–

Correct views. Correct aspirations. Correct speech. Correct conduct. Correct methods of livelihood. Correct effort. Correct thoughts. Correct contemplation.

As in most religions, or ways of life, there are different branches.  Just as the Christian Religion has a whole horde of different  branches  from  the  Plymouth  Brethren  to  the Roman Catholic faith, so does the Buddhist school branch into two—they are The Hinayana, which means the Narrow Way, and The Mahayana, which means the Great Way.  The former is rather austere, it has a narrow outlook, it relates to the achievement of personal sanctity through seclusion and aesthetism.  This is indeed a rigorous living.The latter,  Mahayana,  prefers to follow the precepts of Gautama Buddha as a divine incarnation. One might say that one of these calls upon a person to pro-gress by his own efforts, while the other says that you can only work and progress by following the precise and undeviating example of another.



For those who love big words this is the Anandamaya-kosha, or, if you prefer it under yet a different language instead of in simple, plain language, you could term it the Karana Sharira.

The causal body is the first of the various bodies with which we are encumbered.  Think of us as being a nest of boxes, one inside the other; or think of us as anything which fits one inside the other; it could be a collection of those small coffee tables, or boxes, or a nest of drawers, anything which has a small subject, then a larger outside and a larger outside that, and so on.  This is how our different bodies are arranged. The causal body is the innermost one, and it is that which commences the processes whereby we gain experiences in the flesh.  This, the causal body, is the body of incarnation, and it is the one which causes all those familiar troubles associated with the flesh—lusts of various kinds, numerous exciting desires, horrible greed, and, the most common of all, selfishness.

We have to live so that there is no need for us to have a causal body, because when we can manage without a causal body we do not have to come back to this Earth nor go to other material and unpleasant worlds.



We should concentrate upon the six Chakras. Along our spine, like wheels threaded along our spinal column, are the six main Chakras or centres of psyche consciousness. There are various centres which keep our causal body in touch with our higher bodies, in touch with our higher centres. Some people prefer to call these Chakras, Lotuses.  Others call  them  Wheels.   Some religions make a  stylized symbol which one can recognize as a Wheel or as a Lotus, depending upon one’s poetic imagination. There are six Chakras along the spine, and a seventh in the centre of the cerebrum.  There are two others making nine in all, but most people have not attained to the state yet where they can assimilate knowledge of nine, so let us deal only with the orthodox and commonly accepted seven. When one can see the aura, one can see all the colours swirlin out from these different Chakras, and, of course, the colors and the auric emanations of all types are different between man and woman.

The first Chakra is at the base of the spine near the excretory organ.  The second is at the genitalia level, the third is at the umbilicus, the fourth approximates to the level of the heart, the fifth comes at the level of the throat, and the sixth is at the eyebrow level.

Mythology states that the lower man dwells in the lowest part of the spine, and not until Man is able to raise the Kundalini powers into the heart Chakra is he able to be aware ofprogress.  Man has to send his spiritual forces into the sixth Chakra before being able to make any really satisfactory progress, and when one can get above the seventh then one knows quite surely that one is living on Earth for the last time.



True clairvoyance means that one’s astral body can get out of the physical body, and can then ‘see’ in dimensions which cannot be contacted while in the physical body.

The average person can see physically only those things which are within the range of his eyesight; he may look about a room and see a chair, a table, and a wall, but that which is in the room beyond is also beyond his sight.  In clairvoyance one can see through the wall as if there were no wall, or as if, in those of lesser ability, a vague grey mist was there instead. When one gets into the astral stage one can consult the Akashic Record and see any incident which has happened, or any incident which is happening.  One can also see the probabilities for the future, that is, one can see that a person is going to have good fortune or bad fortune. Clairvoyance can be developed, it is the right of men and women, and before men and women became so selfish and used powers for their own gain everyone was clairvoyant.



A Deva is a Divine Being, one who is quite beyond the human state.  Anyone who has attained to the necessary degree of enlightenment and purity, and is no longer on this Earth, could be a Deva. Nature Spirits and manmade thought forms are not, andcannot ever be Devas of the human type, although naturally

Nature Spirits and Animal Spirits have their own Group-Devas.



This  word  can  indicate  merit,  good  morals, righteousness, truth, or a way of life.  Its true meaning, however, is ‘that which holds your true nature.’ It means that one should take a way of life and maintain that way of life, without slipping back from the high standards which one has previously set oneself.

In Buddhism, Dharma means following the Noble Eight-fold Path.



People talk about the fourth dimension, or the fifth dimension, and beyond.  People say that we are upon a three-dimensional world.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to discuss the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, or ninth dimension to a person living in a third-dimensional existence.

We cannot be content with this, however, so let us put ourselves in the position of a one-dimensional person. A one-dimensional being could only exist upon a line.  If youdraw the thinnest line that you possibly can on a piece of paper, and you imagine that one particle of graphite from your pencil is a person living on that one-dimensional world, and then remember that that piece of graphite is our person. Our person,then, lives on that line, and that line is the whole universe to that person.  If you make one end of the line A and the other end B, you will see that the person can progress from A, which is birth, to B, which is death.  The person will be able to move forward only, they cannot move backwards because that would be moving into the past.

Supposing that you could place a point, or perhaps a finger, on that thin line, then the person in that one-dimensional world would see phenomena in its sky.  It would see only that part of your finger actually in contact with the line, and it would be impossible to visualize what you looked like, in that same way as it is impossible for most people in this three-dimensional world of ours to visualize what is behind the so-called ‘flying saucer.’

If we go on to a two-dimensional world what would we have?  It would be a plane surface, and the inhabitants would have to be flat figures.  Now supposing you draw a line around one of these figures, it would prove to be a barrier to him because the line will have thickness, and to a completely flat person height would be beyond  his understanding.  If he tried to climb up that pencil line—which to him, of course, would be a considerable height—it would be the same as going out into space. Our flat being would not be able to look down on the line and see that it was comparatively flat.  Thus a line or an angle would be an astounding phenomena to a flat being.

By the way, just try this if you doubt what I am saying : Hold a pencil at a level with your eyes so that the pencil is length- wise to you.  Then behind it hold another pencil end on.  You will not be able to see that pencil because it will be hidden by the line of the first pencil.  Thus you will be in the position of our flat being, and before you can see the second pencil you will have to enter another dimension, that is, you will have to descend below the level of the pencils or rise above it, so that you can look up or down and see by perspective.

The fourth dimension is actually where we have travelled into the astral, because we then have different abilities, and although we can fully exist, although we do exist, we cannot be seen by people of third dimension except as a ghost.



This indicates that part of one which is conscious of ‘I.’ It is the separate individuality apart from the Overself.  There are two kinds of Ego; the first is that which is learning willingly or unwillingly.  It is undeveloped, untutored, excessively talkative, over-confident without any reason to be confident.  That Ego is self-centered, arrogant, and aggressive.  It is, in fact, the typical Man In The Street. The other Ego is one which has progressed and has learned by experience.  It is possessed by those who have attained to much enlightenment.  It is a person who is willing to help others even at the risk of inconvenience and trouble for oneself. Egoism is often referred to as the second of the five sources of trouble, and when one thinks of conceited, egotistical people whom we know, we can well understand that this is so.  Unfortunately, the less one knows the more one thinks one knows. Many of these people who are so boastful, who say, ‘Provethis, prove that, and I don’t believe it anyhow,’ have not even started to learn.

It is believed by this writer that few Press people are in the developed category, because one of the first requirements is that an Ego cannot be developed unless it is willing to consider the feelings and needs of others—a matter singularly lacking with Press people.



There  are,  of  course,  quite  a  number  of elements,  but  to  the  occultist,  the  metaphysician,  or  the astrologer, there are five main elements.  They are ether, air, fire, water, and earth.  We are not dealing with chemistry here but with astrological lore.

These elements come into play to a very great extent in astrology, where one can be born under a watery sign—Cancer— and then if one marries a person who was born under a fiery sign, such as Aries, there can be trouble and an unhappy marriage be-  cause fire and water do not mix.  It is a question of that which is compatible and that which is not compatible.  The elements are important things indeed for those who want to study the mechanics of metaphysics.



There are four forces which need concern us.  They are :

1.   Natural forces : When we are at school we study a group of forces known as physics, or, if you prefer—heat, light, sound, electricity, and magnetism—and then one gets quite a dislike of poor old Pythagoras who worked out those weird and wonderful theorums which cause one so much trouble.

2.   The etheric forces : Among these is included the power of the Kundalini.  Those of the second group are still connected to natural phenomena because the Kundalini, and all that it implies, gets only as far as the etheric double before becoming a metaphysical force instead of an earth-natural force.

3.   The ancient Egyptian priests specialized in this, which we might term ‘Force 3.’  They protected their tombs with thought forms which really could make one frightfully uncomfortable. Force 3 consists of all those things which are generated from the mind, and which, once generated, go on and on perhaps for centuries, until they have dissipated their original energy. While this third force is still connected with nature, it is on a much more remote basis because we are now two stages removed from the crude, basic, natural force.

4.   This is a force which can be generated by living entities because of the power of love, hate, etc.  They are quite as powerful as are any of the preceding three.

Telepathy,  clairvoyance,  psychometry,  levitation,  teleportation, etc., come under this group.

Astral  travelling does not come under this force, because astral travelling is just releasing the astral body from imprisonment in the physical body.



Homo sapiens who so often lacks the latter, is just one method of enabling an Overself to gain experience.   There  are  people  on an  enormous  number  of planets, as is now being recognized by reputable scientists all over the world.  Some of them are trying to tune in on radio messages from other worlds, and even as long ago as the beginning of the century a very famous man; Nicholas Tesla, who  was one of the inventors of the radio tube or valve (depending on whether you are in the U.S.A. or England), reported that he had received signals from another planet.

Marconi reported the same, but these two eminent gentlemen were such objects of ridicule that they dropped research like a hot potato—a very hot potato.  But now the U.S.  Government and the U.S.S.R. Government are doing everything possible to initiate success.  Possibly the Communists want to convert a few more planets to Communism.

People come to this Earth to gain experience of a special kind.  According to some teachings, Earth is hell! A person comes to Earth in order to have sharp experiences which can be analysed by the Overself, and which the Overself could not gain in such a short time.  People come to Earth time after time working through every sign of the Zodiac, and working through each of the quadrants of the Zodiac, in much the same way as a student at a college takes various courses of instruction in order to get a balanced knowledge.  Thus a person can become Aries in one life, and the opposite sign in the next life.  In succeeding incarnations the poor soul can go through all the Houses or Signs of the Zodiac, and each quadrant of each Sign, and thus gain complete experience of all the unpleasant happenings which occur to humans.

When one has learned, and not had any great desire to come back to this Earth, then the person is rid of incarnations on this Earth plane.  After, when one leaves as when one leaves school, one takes up the work for which one has been trained.



A process under which the physical body is given a glimpse of something which normally in the physical body could not be known. For example, a person can be standing on a sidewalk, and can then have a sudden flash of intuition that a chimney-pot or a slate is going to fall on his head.  The man cannot see the chimney-pot, and cannot hear it either, but he usually looks up in time to see the thing before it hits him! When people will believe in intuition, and give it rein to develop and blossom forth, it can be a very useful thing indeed.

Actually, the Overself who is not yet ready to have the body damaged, can give a preliminary warning of a danger to come and thus to be avoided. When one gets an impression that a person is near, when a person is perhaps within six or seven feet, it does not mean that that is intuition, it just means that either telepathy or impinging or auric emanations is taking place. It is often stated that women have greater intuition than men, and if you will look at some of the illustrations in You-

Forever you will observe that a woman’s etheric and aura have a rather different shape to that of a man, and so it gives them spiritual consolation.  Presumably in the latter case they hope greater intuition.



This is a life force.  It is THE life force of the body.  Just as a car cannot run without having electricity to fire the mixture in the cylinders, so humans cannot live in the body without the life force of Kundalini. In Eastern mythology the Kundalini is likened to the image of a serpent coiled up below the base of the spine.  As this special force is released, or awakened, it surges up through the different Chakras and makes a person aware of esoteric things. It  awakens  clairvoyance,  telepathy,  and  psychometry,  and enables one to live between two worlds, moving from one to the other at will without inconvenience.  The Kundalini is a dangerous thing indeed, and one should not try to awaken that Kundalini without absolutely adequate supervision from an Adept.  You cannot do it by reading a book!  If you meddle about and awaken your Kundalini the wrong way it can lead to madness.  It is one of the most dangerous things in this world to try to raise the Kundalini without knowing what you are doing. The average human is only one-tenth conscious.  Perhaps, actually, that flatters the average human!  The point is that if one can raise the Kundalini one becomes very much more conscious, one can dominate others.  But when one has raised the  Kundalini one loses the desire to dominate others for self-gain.

People wonder where exactly is the Kundalini, where is ‘at the base of the spine?’ The  Kundalini force actually starts midway between the organ of generation and the organ of excretion.  Now, having given you that information it is suggested that you do not try experiments with the Kundalini unless you have a real Guru who can help you, and you must have utter faith in that Guru.

If you have no Guru for the moment, remember—when the student is ready the Guru will appear, but the Guru knows, and the student does not know, when the student is ready.

The Bible story of Adam and Eve, complete with serpent and apple, is merely the story of Eve having her Kundalini awakened. ‘The Serpent tempted Eve,’ and Eve suggested naughty, naughty things to Adam who certainly learned fast, and took a hearty bite of the Apple of Knowledge.  Now look at what happened to all us poor humans since! Do you get it?  Eve, the Mother of all Living, the same as now Mary is a more or less general term for Woman throughout the world.  The serpent is the serpent force of the Kundalini, and the apple is the Fruit of Knowledge.  So you don’t meddle with the Kundalini, or it will bite your brains.



The Lotus symbolizes many things to the Easterner.  It is a sacred symbol of Far Eastern religion in much the same way as a crucifix is a symbol to a Christian.

The Lotus is a plant which grows on the dirtiest and muddiest of water, it grows in the foulest surroundings, and yet no matter how foul those surroundings, the Lotus remains pure and  unsullied  and  quite uncontaminated by that which  is around i

A Lotus leaf rests upon the water, but it does not become wet.  The Lotus is not moistened at all by water, and that can be taken as a symbol of non-attachment with which we shall deal later.

The petals of the Lotus have a special significance, and the Easterner departs from actual physical resemblance in referring to a thousand-petaled Lotus, for instance.  There is the Lotus  of the Heart, and the thousand-petaled Lotus of the Brain, and if you progress in your studies and your spirituality you may find that one day a person will offer a blessing to your holy



This does not mean that you have suddenly grown roots instead of the usual human appendages; it means, instead, that you have for some peculiar reason been elevated in the other person’s estimation, and you now occupy the status of a Godlike Being. If you survive this, and if you progress quite a bit more, you may find that you are of the Lotus Eyes, or the Lotus might be referred to some other part of your anatomy.  Never mind, it is meant as a compliment.

The significance of the Lotus, then, is merely this : the Lotus is known as the perfect flower, with a perfect arrangement of petals and leaves.  It is a plant which is part of, yet remote from, its surroundings.  It remains clean and unsullied in conditions which would contaminate anything else.  It is a symbol of purity which was available even to the most uneducated and the most under-privileged of the East.



The lower mind is that part of our person which absorbs knowledge and stores it.  If we knew how, as certain Easterners do, we could recall everything that ever happened to us, even from BEFORE we were born. Actually, it is quite easy if one knows how and if one has the patience to practice.  People who can do this are stated to have ‘total recall.’ Total recall can, as stated, be accomplished by practice, but one should not do it unless one has a clear conscience because if you have total recall you can recall all the unpleasantnesses as well as the pleasant times, and the unpleasant things frequently appear even worse when looking back upon them.

Total recall is within our sub-consciousness, and if there is good reason for it a competent hypnotist can hypnotize a person a few times and gradually take him or her farther back into the dimmest recesses of the sub-conscious memory.  It can be used for discovering why a person has certain inhibitions or fears.

It can be used, also, for deciphering old documents in a language which one does not understand, because if one is taken back through the space and time of one’s sub-conscious one can even tap the racial memory of mankind.  But, of course, a much easier system is to do correct astral travelling and then see the Akashic Record.



Magic is merely the distortion of misunderstood scientific facts, or facts which the scientist in his blindness is not able to understand. To the savage, flying a plane is magic.  To the hardly less savage Westerner, levitation is magic.  That which is impossible today because ‘science’ cannot explain it with certain stereo-typed facts, is magic.  When science belatedly catches up with magic, then magic ceases to exist and becomes ‘scientific fact.’

Curare was once the magic of savage witch-doctors.  Science said that it was all wishful thinking, but when the more Westernized  form  of  witch-doctor,  who  called  himself  a scientist, investigated the matter he ‘discovered’ curare in his chemical laboratory, and thus it became a more respectable thing.  Do not be misled by ‘magic.’  It is merely the things which certain  talented  people can  do  today which  the bumbling scientist may not be able to do for a hundred years.



Actually a Mantra is a particular name for God, but by common usage it now is taken to mean something else; it is a form of prayer, it is the repetition of something sacred whereby one gains power.  If one repeats a Mantra conscientiously and reverently one attains to purification of thought.

A Mantra should only be used for good, and never for bad, for there is an old saying that ‘He who digs a grave for another may fall in it.’  Thus it is that Mantras should only be used for good, they should only be used unselfishly and to help others. In the Christian Bible it is stated that faith moves mountains; the  same could  be  said  about  a  Mantra.  A  Mantra  used properly has very, very strong effects, and the more it is used the more it builds up power.  Here is a very simple illustration of how it builds up power : A violinist can play a certain note on a violin.  If he just touches on the note he only makes a sound, but if he keeps on at the same note he can cause a glass to shatter and crumble because playing on that note has induced a vibration in the glass which eventually becomes more than the elasticity of the glass can handle, and so the glass breaks.  In the same way a Mantra increases the vibration for good or for bad, but when used for bad it often turns on the one who utters it. One Mantra, or Sacred Invocation is ‘Om Mani Padmi Hum,’ or, as the Indians say ‘Ram Ram Ram.’ It should be realized that all sounds and words can influence matter, can even influence inanimate objects.  Probably everyone has heard of the statement ‘Mind over matter.’  Well, it is correct, Mantras influence matter according to the thoughts of the human mind.



Meditation is a system of putting one’s mind in order, training it, developing it.  Meditation is thinking upon a certain object, or subject, or matter, so that one may know all there is to be known about it. One can meditate upon a plant, and then visualize the seed planted in the earth.  One meditates upon the seed, and then one sees the cracking of the outer shell and the first tentative thrusting of the life within, the blind groping as the little tendril twists about through the Earth, rising upwards towards the light. One can see this little tendril going up as a white thread, and then emerging through the earth and turning green or brown,  growing,  becoming adult,  and  later  shedding seeds which may fall all around or may be swallowed by birds, or they may even be carried aloft on the winds to be planted afar.

We can see these seeds also falling to the earth, and in their turn being buried and growing again.

Meditation enables us, when trained, to seek for the innermotive, to probe into the otherwise unknown.  It is not concentration, for concentration is a different thing altogether.



Well, what are they?  There are two types of  medium;  the back-street fortune-teller  who might somehow, through a kink in her mind, be able at times to receive  ‘revelations’  from  the  other  side  of  death. These mediums are untutored, erratic, and not constantly mediumistic. They are in the same position as the savage witch-doctor who has certain  psychic  power, he cannot say why,  nor would he be interested in knowing why, he is satisfied to have the power.

The other type of medium is the cultured man or woman who has advanced far and is perhaps on Earth for the last time.  That person will be mediumistic most of the time.

It does not mean to say that a person is good because one is clairvoyant, or telepathic, or mediumistic in some other way. It just means that he or she is a bit different.  One can have a singer who can have a truly glorious voice, but the singer will have that glorious voice no matter whether he be a good man or a bad man, his character will have nothing to do with his voice.  So it is with mediums—one can have evil people who are mediums, just as one can have a saint’s ‘next-door neighbour’ as a medium.

An evil medium is one who is a fraud, that is one who imposes on the credulous and pretends to have powers which she does not possess.  Often she is a good psychologist who tells back in a different way what her client has just told her!

This must be made clear; a person is not a medium just because he or she says he or she is a medium.  It must also be stated that a bad medium, as in the case of a good medium, can be either ‘he’ or ‘she,’ but mediums are usually like ships— classed as she, probably because of all the fuss involved! A medium is merely a person who can be used as ‘a medium for the exchange of thoughts from one plane of existence to another!’  In other words, it is possible for an illiterate person to speak in a language which he or she does not consciously know because the medium is just passing on a message.



Humans in their conceit and over-ween-ing sense of superiority think that they alone have a soul. Humans think that only humans continue after life, after death, and into another life. Many of the ancient races worshipped Nature Spirits.  They were not so far wrong because there are Nature Spirits, and they are quite as important as human spirits.

A human is a lump of protoplasm which has a soul or Over-self which tells that lump of protoplasm how to operate, how to grow.  In the same way trees have Nature Spirits, spirit-entities who look after that tree.

Animals also have spirits, souls, if you like, and it does not at all follow that because an animal cannot talk English, or Spanish, or German, that the animal is ‘dumb.’  Many animals have characters in no way inferior to the best of humans!

In the astral world there are human entities doing their own particular job of work, and there are Nature Spirits, those who look after plants and the astrals of animals.  There are also elementals, but elementals we have already dealt with. For  your own  evolution,  then,  remember that there are animal spirits growing and evolving on different lines from humans, admittedly, but in no way inferior to humans.  They are distinct and quite separate lines; humans never reincarnate as animals, animals never reincarnate as humans.  They are quite, quite different lines of growth.



This means just what it says—non-attachment to any material thing.  The miser becomes earth-bound because he is attached to his money; the drunkard is earth-bound because he is attached to drink.  If one has a strong lust or desire, then when one leaves this Earth one is drawn irresistibly back like a fish being reeled in by a fisherman, one is brought back to visit those haunts which have most of what one wants—money,  drink, or what?  One hangs around, a disembodied ghost, caught inexorably by the magnet of that desire which was not mastered during the physical existence. Non-attachment means self-mastery, detachment from the lures and lusts of living on Earth.

Non-attachment means release from the desires which afflict mankind.  A person who has reached this stage, who has secured non-attachment, helps mankind and does not ignore their need for assistance.



There is a lot of confusion about ego, soul, over-self, and all the rest of it.  Well, let us remember that we here are like puppet. The Overself is the soul, the super-ego, the super-being, the overseer, the one who manages us from some distant plane of existence.  The Overself is the real ‘I.

Many people have claimed to have originated the word ‘Over-self,’ but actually it comes from a very old Tibetan word which indicates loosely ‘the Man in Charge Above.’  So when you think of yourself down here, you should think of yourself as a puppet dangling on the end of a string, the string which is the Silver Cord, trying to carry out the wishes of the Man in Charge Above.

If you are very erudite you may like to have the Sanskrit name; in Sanskrit the Overself is termed the Adhyatma, and in Sanskrit it is the whole nucleus, the whole power, the whole fount of our existence; it is the point from which all feeling, all senses, everything about us, originates, and to which everything about us returns.



Every living creature, whether human, or animal, or even vegetable, seeks power.  In the forest the creeping plants of the ground move across the earth to the tallest tree.  They grow and climb up and up to the topmost branches, where they derive extra power from the sunlight.  The plant grows, and in doing so strangles its unwilling host.  Think of ivy around an old fir tree; strip off the ivy and look at the deep scores in the bark of the tree. The strong animal seeks to dominate those of his species who are weaker.  His thought is that in dominating he has nothing to fear, for if others are afraid of him they will be afraid to attack.

Humans seek power through the misuse of money, or by self-styled importance.  Others seek power by claiming to be high in some religious belief, and by telling others that there will be various tortures, or torments, or sufferings, unless the weaker person obeys the stronger.

Those who abuse power should remember this:  Let the powerful man be generous to the poor and needy, for the cycle of  life revolves like the wheel of a cart bringing riches to one and poverty to another, bringing happiness to one and misery to the other, and as the wheel revolves through life after life, with each life being as a spoke of the wheel, so the rich become poor and the poor become rich, and those who suffer now shall have happiness and those who are overjoyed without helping others shall know the pangs of misery, pain, and sorrow.  Thus it is, let the powerful man be merciful, let him be helpful, let him bring help and succour to those in need that he in his time of need shall have help from others. But the real power while one is on Earth is the power con-ferred by meditation.  By meditating correctly we can obtain :

1.  Free access to the Akashic Record.  This will give us a knowledge of everything that has happened in the past, not merely to us but to the whole world and worlds beyond.  We will know, too, things which are happening at the present time, and if we have a reason for it we can see the Akashic Record of the probabilities of the future.

2.  Telepathic communication with animals; a most rewarding experience; because animals have a high intelligence not realized by humans.

3.  A knowledge of one’s past lives, and the past lives of other people.  A knowledge obtained by methods other an incursions into the Akashic Record.

4.  Telepathic communion with those of equal spiritual stature, no matter in what part of the world they belong, and no matter if they be outside of this world.

5.  Knowledge of the time of probable death which enables us to make sure that our debts are paid, and our conscience is clear.

6.  Clairvoyance.  An ability to see far distant places, to see happenings and the probabilities of happenings.

7.  Meditation enables one to control matter.  there is a power of mind over matter, and when we can do that we can do astral travelling, because astral travelling is a simple thing indeed.



There are two meanings to this.  The first is that this is a Chakra connected with the cardiac plexus.  This Prana controls the state and health of the heart.  It is connected to that bunch of nerves in the heart which gives a shock to the heart muscle, and thus causes the heart to beat with a certain rhythm.

This form of Prana shows in the aura as a yellow-orange colour which tends to become of a reddish hue in those who have very strong desires of the lower animal nature, such as excessive indulgence in sex or in food.

The second Prana is rather better known to the average person.  It is connected with breathing and with breath control.  We will not deal with it here, because in Supplement A at the end of this Dictionary we shall have a series of very safe, very healthful, breathing exercises.



A person who is ‘a sensitive’ can finger an object and tell quite a lot about it.  For example:  A sensitive can pick up a stone on the shore of some lake or sea.  Then by sitting down and letting the mind go blank, the sub-conscious can activate some para-normal senses so that the fingers can convey vibrations to the brain which form pictures.  All life is electric and magnetic, and anything that has been touched by a person always has the mark of that person in future.  It is like touching a piece of iron with a magnet; you will find that you have partly magnetized the piece of iron.  A galvanometer, or even an ordinary magnetic compass, can detect the magnetism imparted to the iron by the light touch of the magnet.

In the same way, a person who can do psychometry can touch a stone, or a ring, or a piece of clothing, and can describe scenes in the past of that article. Such a person does not do it for self-gain, nor as a stage trick, but only to help others.



Reincarnation is the act of coming back to, this material world from the spirit world.  The time sense on a material world and that of the spirit world is quite different, and so one can learn lessons much faster on a material planet than one can in the spirit.

People keep coming to Earth—or to other Earths—in much the same way as one goes to school; one leaves home in the morning and goes to school, where it is intended that one shall learn certain lessons.  At the end of the school day one returns home.

As one works through one class one is promoted to another class until one has learned, in theory, all that the school can teach, and then one goes on to a higher grade of school, and from school to a college or university.

In much the same way one comes to this Earth, and then keeps coming back to the Earth to enter different ‘classes.’

When one has learned that which the Earth can teach one moves on to a different world, just as the adolescent moves on to a higher class at school.



A much misunderstood word.  It is our Ego, our Overself, our puppet master, the real ‘l.’  That spirit which is using our flesh body in order to learn things on Earth which could not be learnt in the spirit world



Telepathy is the art, or science, or ability, whereby we pick up and understand the brain waves of others.

Just as a radio station broadcasts a program, so does the human brain—also a form of radio station—broadcast the  thoughts of the person to whom the brain is attached.

Thought is an electrical impulse, or series of impulses, and thought radiates everywhere just as does the program from a radio station.  So any person with training can become telepathic, that is, they can ‘tune in’ to the thoughts of another person,  and can also inject one’s own thoughts into the receptive areas of another person.



This is a little understood science in the Western world; teleportation is the art of sending a material object by thought to another location.  A poltergeist, for example, can pick up a large object such as a chair, and cause it to move violently across a room.

In the Far East, suitably trained lamas can cause a heavy, material object to be transported by thought to another location. Gravity, which gives a thing apparent weight, is merely a magnetic attraction between the object and the core of the Earth

Under certain conditions the magnetic attraction can be lessened, or entirely removed, so that the material object becomes less heavy or actually without weight.  This process is adopted when an article is being teleported.  It is also a system in use during levitation.



A real trance is the condition when the astral body willingly vacates the physical body in order that the former may witness some occurrence which can be reported back to some person through the Silver Cord and the physical body. At times a person of mediumistic capabilities will be willing to have his or her body used by some disincarnate entity who wants to give a message.  In such a case the medium sits in a position of repose, and wills the astral body to depart from the physical body.  Then a discarnate entity can catch hold of the Silver Cord and cause the physical body of the medium to give a necessary message.  After the message, or whatever it is, is finished the discarnate entity relinquishes the hold, and the astral returns to the physical of the medium.

Untrained people should never dabble in trance work, nor in seances, because it can have a very harmful effect upon the health.  It is safe under certain conditions, but only under trained supervision.



This is the whole force of the Universe.  The Yin, which is passive and female and negative, and the male (the Yang) which is positive and continually assertive.

It is ridiculous to say which is the most important, the male or the female, they complement each other, they contrast with each other, they are absolutely dependent upon each other. We cannot have a battery unless one end is negative and the other end is positive; we cannot use a battery which has a positive terminal only, it is an absolute impossibility.  Thus, a woman is quite as important as a man, and a man is quite as important as a woman.  The ‘battle of the sexes’ is a ridiculous thing which should be ended by an explanation of the dependence of each upon the other.