Reiki is a hands-on energy transfer therapy and works by expanding the chakras and aura. This in turn intensifies the spectrum of frequency of the recipient, promoting a healthier mind, body and spirit. A Siam Reiki therapist acts as a channel so that the energy is transferred to the recipient through the chakras; areas of congested energy are identified, along with the cause (spiritual, mental, emotional or physical) and a timeline may be indicated.

Siam Reiki was founded by (Steve) Lee Wei-De in Thailand in 2008 and it is dedicated to the healing art of Master Usui, who developed reiki in 1922 in Japan. His teachings have been adapted and spread throughout the world. Whilst there is much debate as to the origins of Reiki, no evidence to date has shown that another country has used or developed an energy transfer therapy or energy science such as the one defined by Master Usui in Japan. He developed a unique method that improves the body and spirit and he shared the science behind this physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing practice.

Siam Reiki not only heals the mind/body/spirit/emotional connection, restoring balance and health but also delivers world-class training programs that lead to qualifications such as the Siam Reiki Diploma with core and elective subjects. Siam Reiki comes from the bases of traditional “Usui Shiki Ryoho” Reiki.

Today in Complimentary and Alternative healing there is an increasing need for international standards of quality control and procedures in training. Therefore The Institute of Applied Holistic Health Sciences’ was founded in 2010.

Siam Reiki is endorsed by ‘The IAHHS’s whose objective is to provide an integrated approach to health care, providing skills and methods to heal the body/mind through traditional health sciences with a framework in education leading to a qualification. The training organisation supplies credibility to the Healthcare Industry and certifies Siam Reiki students with it’s supporting evidence based research.

Siam Reiki guides students in their own personal growth. As the Reiki energy is activated in the traditional way, students will grow and want to expand the knowledge and experience with energy. Courses include the following to become a Certified Siam Reiki teacher, follow the links to (Steve – Mr Lee Wei-De the Founder of Siam Reiki).

After becoming a Siam Reiki Master/Teacher the development does not stop as teachers can learn how to deliver all the above courses under the guidance of ON LINE teaching direct from Mr Lee (Steve). Certain courses such as Transcending Entities ceremonies, Crystal Gazing, How to see the Aura can only be delivered by Mr Lee, the founder of Siam Reiki and the developer of the training course, usually for safety reasons.

At each level in Siam Reiki training, a Siam Reiki Master Teacher guides the student in the transfer of energy. The teacher observes to ensure that the student’s healing assistants are working through them and that the energy is flowing through the minor and mini chakras in their hands.

Siam Reiki does not ignore those who have previously trained elsewhere: In order to maintain the quality and consistency of Siam Reiki therapists, Siam Reiki offers an assessment procedure with recognition of prior learning.

Today, there are many modalities being used around the world termed as ‘Reiki’ but are not a practical transfer of healing energy. These ‘branches’ of so-called ‘Reiki’ involve some belief systems or meditation techniques to activate the reiki energy.

Reiki is a holistic health therapy available to everyone regardless of religion race or creed. It became necessary to Trademark Siam Reiki in Thailand to show it’s loyalty and ethics to Master Usui’s technique and to the standards assured by his authentic Reiki energy science.

Siam Traditional Doctors Association (STDA) established by certified traditional doctors, endorsed Siam Reiki to support our natural healing modality and to strengthen the credibility of alternative and Traditional medicine in our communities. We conduct programs and research with Siam Reiki and Traditional Herb Medicine Doctors on a regular basis and use state of the art equipment to quantify and monitor outcomes.