Transcending Entities

As Reiki practitioners we are sometimes confronted with lower energies. Some of the people we work with may live in unhealthy environments. Are family members having bad sleep or nightmares? Sudden sharp changes in their mood and a lot of conflicts? Did someone fall sick just after moving into a new place?
Well, moving out is not the only option! In most cases the energy can be audited and cleared to restore an healthy environment for the occupants.

This class will lead you to a deep understanding of the Earth energies. With 2 days of practice you will become sensitized to energy lines, underground water and vortexes and be able to detect the presence of lower energies and learn how to release them to where they belong.

Learning outcomes

    • Presentation on Earth energies and meaning
    • Water lines and alteration of consciousness
    • Lay lines and alterations of consciousness
    • Vortexes and interaction of water and lay lines
    • Health related issues to different energies
    • Spirit and orbs and science of evidence
    • Soul psychology and spirits interrelationship
    • Practical experience with tour
    • Practical experience with science and evidence

Practical Details

Program Duration: 3 days of 8 hours – 24 hours
Group size: From 1 to 10 people
– Siam Reiki Level 2
– Developing Psychic Awareness (DPA)

Teacher: Brahmajarn Lee Wei De (Steve) Only