A retreat is essentially time away from our normal lives. It gives us the break we need to be able to escape from chores and responsibilities so that we can focus     on ourselves. Often retreats involve improving health and fitness, which is difficult to do when you have numerous things to take care of in your work, family and personal lives. So it is about giving  us space to be able to reflect on, heal the part of us that is most in need and make the necessary changes to give ourselves     a better life. 

A retreat is not a new concept. For centuries many different cultures  have been using some form of a retreat to learn about and understand themselves more,       to find inner peace and spark spiritual healing and  inner growth. 

So what does a retreat at 7 Stones, Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand look like? 

In a natural environment, with year round warm weather 7 Stones offers you a tranquil haven to focus on improving your health. With few distractions, and limited other people you get a personalised and tailored experience to target and improve your health condition. Each day will start with yoga or chi gong, and there will be different sessions throughout the time; from reiki, to massage, to steam baths, to singing bowls, to health scans and consultations to having time to relax and appreciate the natural environment depending on your retreat.

Its amazing to see the transformations take place both inwardly and outwardly.