How To See The Aura

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Someone’s aura can tell you a lot about a person if you know how to read it. The aura is made up of a lot of colours, and firstly being able to see those colours which are in fact vibrations, can give you information about what kind of person they are, and even how their health is. 

Module Name: How to see the Aura

Module Code: TBHSA

Module Duration: 2 Days 16 Hours

Maximum Participants: 10

Pre-Requisites: Not Required

Deliver Methods: Guided by Trainer in Progressive Training Methods of evaluation.

Assessment Method: Ongoing assessment with (Verbal, Demonstration including Psychic evaluations)

Learning Outcomes:

​*Breathing exercises to activate the Ajna (Third Eye)
*Eye exercises, muscle training
*Psychotherapy of energy and the affects of the aura
*Introduction to aura and colours
*Introduction to major chakra sensitivity
*Introduction to earth energy
* Introduction to plant energy
*Introduction to mini and minor chakras