Chi-Gong is an ancient Taoist Alchemy art of the body for health, mental clarity and balance. Chi-Gong comes from two words “Chi” meaning energy which everybody has in different levels. Plants and animals also have “Chi”. “Chi” is created from your parents, practicing Chi-Gong and from food. “Gong” means working (movement) therefore Chi-Gong in its entirety means: Working of the Energy. It is the harmony of meditation, breathing and movement.

It contains both still and moving postures. The still meditation is a method of calming the mind by sitting or standing and the moving meditation will calm the mind while moving the body. It works to stimulate the energy in the body as well as around the body, such as within the chakras, the etheric aura and the outer aura, by using visualisation, breathing and movement.

The balancing of “Chi” has a double benefit; good for health and beating diseases. By using these methods the participant is using their breath which causes vibration internally, the movement of their hands cleanses energy with magnetism, and the movement of their body stimulates desired areas of the body with visualisation to keep a balanced mind and mental clarity. It is best to do the exercises outside on the grass, as the sun is rising. It will make a big difference to your day, health and well being. More is happening than you realise within and around your body.