The Unique Point Of Siam Reiki

Difference Between Siam Reiki And Other Reiki Treatments

Siam Reiki course designed by Master Steve is of high international and professional standards because of these below reasons:

1. Students will receive direct chakra attunement safely and powerfully. As a result, the aura will expand and the connection with the guides will become clear and long-lasting.

The number of attunements and the energy of the teacher during the attunement ritual are the 2 decisive factors in clearing the student’s chakras.

* At level 1, you receive 4 direct attunements.

* After level 1, you will receive support from 3 to 6 guides.

2/ Steve sets high standards for therapy: students are required to accumulate a specific amount of time and face-to-face treatments to others in order to be advanced to the next level of study.

Instead of just trying to learn quickly so they can get into work and make money, Steve’s students are required to have enough experience, psychic ability (third eye), tools (pendulum, crystal healing, etc.) as well as an empathetic mindset and heart.

3/ Moreover, Siam Reiki requires beginners to place their hands directly on other people’s bodies to feel energy flow and stop. This is in addition to the skill needed to identify and remove the congested energy from patient.

4/ The study route for each student will be determined by the observation and direct assessment of Steve.