This retreat is for a person looking for an alternate way to treat Cancer, we use a combination of alternative therapies together to detox the body with maximum effect. These therapies remove negative ions from the cells as well as allowing them to rejuvenate dynamically. Altogether this results in a strengthening of the immune system and rehabilitating the body back into its natural healthy state.

Following the retreat you will take home reiki skills, yoga and herb medicine for 1 month. Within those two months, you will also receive 8 distant Reiki treatments and 1 weekly online consultation. 

Included in the Retreat: 

Reiki treatment every day

Learn Reiki 1 

Yoga every day 

Massage twice per week 

Herb medicine 

Daily consultations 

Accommodation and airport transfers

Food not included as it will be on a case by case basis with guidance from the Herb Doctor.


A typical programme


Dates Available for a maximum off 2 people at a time:

23rd December to 4th January  

13th January to 25th January 2024   

17th February to 29th February      Register here

23rd March to 4th April     Register Here

20th April to 2nd May     Register Here

11th May to 23rd May     Register Here

8th June to 20th June     Register Here

13th July  to 25th July

24th August to 5th September

7th September to 19th September

5th October to 17th October

9th November to 21st November

7th December to 19th December