This retreat is for clients who are experiencing depression, emotional disorders, anxiety, excessive stress, boredom; and lack of confidence, happiness and motivation to live; negative thoughts, reduced ability to concentrate and make decisions; sleep disorders or difficulty sleeping, body fatigue and lack of energy for days, etc.

What make this “3 days Retreat” stand out from the crowd?

  • We have a strong and professional team like Master Steve – an international Master with great energy. He is a healing therapist with 30 years of experience in many healing disciplines and more than 9,000 direct Reiki treatments. Also, we have Thai Massage expert, Singing Bowl therapist; Yoga, Psychological Consultation, Life Coaching and other experts.
  • We focus on comprehensive health care. Going beyond the physical body, we can examine and make treatments for health issues at deeper layers such as emotional, mental, and energetic levels. We can also handle dark energy and voodoo issues, if needed.

TIME: April 19 – April 21, 2024

PLC TEAM: Teacher Steve, Master Nim, Master Winnie, Master Thao, Master Elise. See more at: OUR EXPERTS TEAM


Group activities include:

  • Yoga and meditation every morning
  • Group counseling
  • Group Sound Healing with Singing Bow
  • Group Hypnosis
  • Share and ask questions with experts
  • Campfire

Individual treatment activities with the therapist (included in the package)

  • Maximum 01 Massage session (Thai Massage/ Aroma Massage/ Foot Reflexology)
  • Maximum 02 Reiki sessions with Reiki Master
  • Intensive personal consultation (only for 3 lucky customers)

Individual therapy activities with the therapist (NOT included in the package – additional fees is required)

  • Individual singing bowl therapy (60 minutes)
  • Consultation by card readings (30 minutes or 60 minutes)
  • Direct Reiki treatment with Teacher Steve (60 – 90 minutes)
  • Health scan with 3D NLS Scanner by Teacher Steve (60 minutes)


During 3 days, clients can experience various traditional and modern treatment methods, with advice from experts in many fields to choose the most effective and suitable long-term method for themselves.

In a short time, it is possible to find out the exact blockage that affects clients on the four body layers: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In detail, what is the blockage, when does it occur, and what is the impact? From there, customers have direction to continue working on themselves at a deep level.


  • 3-day treatment service package: April 19, 20, 21, 2024
  • Total cost: 13.700.000 VND

Fee includes:

  • Cost of staying at Homestay 04 nights: April 18-19-20-21, 2024
  • Cost of three main meals on April 19-20-21, 2024
  • Costs for treatments by experts and other activities are as described in the Activity Detailes (except for additional services that requires fees).

Fee NOT includes:

  • Travel costs to Homestay
  • Expenses for other personal customer needs.

Payment Policies:

  • Payment methods are bank transfer or Wise transfer.
  • 50% deposit required on booking, and remaining 50% must be paid 2 days before Retreat starts.

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