MAIN TECHNIQUES APPLIED IN THE PROGRAM for 5 days Retreat – A New Beginning

1. Life Coaching

With the guidance of Master Mei, a Life Coach and personal development expert, students will experience a healing journey from complex psychological and emotional trauma from childhood. Master Mei will combine psychological healing and self-development techniques, along with the application of spiritual methods to help students manifest and create a desired life.

In addition, Master Mei will also guide students in applying other manifestation methods/techniques to help them create a desired and meaningful life. By combining these techniques with developing self-awareness, students will become stronger in facing life’s challenges and gradually progress toward their goals.

For individuals who want to learn more about themselves and need personalized consultation, Master Mei offers 1-1 counseling sessions. During these sessions, you will receive personal guidance from Master Mei, helping you gain a deeper self- awareness and understanding.

2. Siam Reiki therapy

Siam Reiki, a traditional Reiki strain, is one of the most powerful energy treatments. Reiki effectively transforms dark and negative energy, reduces emotional blockages and clears problems in emotional and mental layers. Reiki is good at supporting the recovery process after injury or reverse disease on physical body. Reiki therapy can also identify the time and cause of blockages, thereby helping clients make specific comparisons and be more well-adjusted themselves.

3. Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage is an ancient healing method that combines acupressure on large areas; the stimulation and manipulation of energy flows called “lotus”; and with supportive yoga poses. In addition to Thai Massage, other massage methods used are aromatherapy massage and foot reflexology.

4. Yoga, Meditation and Singing Bowl therapy

Meditation is an effective method to calm and soothe an overactive mind; and find mental soundness. Master Steve has designed separate meditations for each different purpose and health condition. Master Steve and our Yoga experts will also guide clients through personal rituals to restore balance to the physical body and mind.

The Singing Bowl with their sound and vibrations is an immediately effective treatment method in emptying the mind, soothing the soul, even for people whose minds are chaotic or in turmoil; or even for people who are not used to meditation. At the same time, the vibrations on the physical body will go deep inside and bring a feeling of relaxation to every cell. The vibration frequency resonates with the frequency of the chakras, helping to balance the body’s energy areas.


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