Healing Finearts with Ms. GrandMother

We introduce a unique course only in our Seven days Vietnam Fire Gathering Program as below: — Healing Finearts with Ms. GrandMother —

  • How does your inner world look?

  • What color are your emotions?

  • Is your soul in peace or war inside?

Healing Fine arts is one of the best ways to help you express and release feelings and emotions through drawing.  It is a beautiful chance for you to be guided directly and personally by Ms. Grandmother – an Artist of abstract mystical style. She is a talented artist of spiritual Fine arts. Her pictures have sold at high prices, and many people who practice spiritual principles love them. You can see these beautiful ones in our class. After learning Healing Fine Arts, you can:

  • Achieved Freemind and have more self-confidence in your decisions. 
  • You start to draw your beautiful picture with Ms. GrandMother’s guidance.
  • You can learn how to clean and release your feelings and emotions through your drawings. 
  • A unique course is only for 07 students. Ms. GrandMother will choose these 07 ones through the registered list. 
  • Students will learn for one to three hours per day. This time depends on the student’s requirement arrangement.
  • Ms. GrandMother is priority for  students who want to draw as a career. You may never know her students’ pictures are very special ones.

Discount 50% Tuition fee is for Healers and participants in the Seven Days Vietnam Fire Gathering Program. 

Love & Peace
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