Siam Reiki And The 4 Bodies Of Life

Physical Bod – Level 1 study.

To understand the functions of the energy in the body, (sen lines) Thailand, (Meridian Lines) Chinese and the (Mama points and 72,000 Nadi) India.  Energy functions of the physical body and how health science can detect the detoxifying affects of Siam Reiki.  How Siam Reiki creates the change of cells and rejuvenation of the DNA.


Mental Body – Level 2 & 3 Study, Pendulum

Information how the Mental (psychotherapy ) of a Siam Reiki treatments stimulates the mental functioning that includes Mental health issues. Negative thoughts, energy imbalances from bad meditations. Bad affects from being a trance medium. Mental health issues and the endocrine system.


Emotional Body – Level 2 & 3 Study, Pendulum

Congested energy in the 7 chakras usually is from the emotional experiences we have had in this life. From relationships with Parents, Children, Girlfriends, Boyfriends, and other relations that affects our emotions bringing an unbalanced feelings of the heart. Emotions are a big creator for anger and bad thoughts too. All emotions kept can be identified in the chakra by a Siam Reiki Maser or Teacher. It is best to clear the past emotions that are still in the chakra as it does have an affect in the physical body functions.


Spiritual Body – Level 2 & 3 Study, Pendulum

Energy affecting the Aura, bad meditation methods, cursed with Black magic, other ghost energies have entered the aura, Past life energy into this lifetime.

By Brahmajarn
Lee We-De (Steve)