Siam Reiki treatments have quite a different meaning to most concepts of Reiki, as in Thailand a healing modality is required to have a diagnosis to be classified as an energy transfer therapy. With that context Siam Reiki brings an awareness to clients’ congested energy in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of this body in this life.

If you have experienced a Reiki treatment in the past this type of Reiki may well be quite a different experience as the therapist talks during the treatment about time lines of events that have happened, physical, mental and emotional blockages, self conditions and much more concerning the mysteries that can affect the spiritual body of a person. 

Siam Reiki treatments are used in the Quantum Cancer Program because it has proven benefits which help to transform energy (matter) which in turn helps to reduce cancer tumours.

A Siam Reiki Treatment lasts around 60-90 Min